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Cheap Challenge Coins

Military members and organizations from around the world are using our services to make their cheap challenge coins.  We take the time to make coins that are unique in the design, flawless in quality, and special for every customer.

Navy Supply Corps Coin

Navy Supply Corps Coin

Our cheap challenge coins are made of some of the highest quality material available. We offer a number of different prices based on the amount of coins ordered and additional options you want your coin to have. We guarantee that we offer the best price on the internet.

Our art fees for the production of the coins are always free. All our coins come with their artwork in high resolution formats that can be used for other products. We also keep all the molds for our coins for up to 3 years.

Embleholics lives by our promise to:

  • Contact our customers in less than 24 hours

  • Provide art samples with unlimited edits

  • Offer the best price guaranteed

  • Offer FREE art, FREE Molds, and FREE Shipping



Our affordable challenge coins also come in many different shapes and sizes. Below are our coin options:

Coin Sizes
1.50 inches
1.75 inches
2.0 inches
2.25 inches
3.0 inches
Coin Thickness
1.0 millimeters
2.0 millimeters
3.0 millimeters
4.0 millimeters
5.0 millimeters
Coin Finish Options
Polished Gold Metal
Antique Gold Metal
Black Nickel Metal
Polished Silver
Antique Silver
Polished Brass Metal
Antique Brass Metal
Polished Copper Metal
Antique Copper Metal
Duo-Tone Metal
Edge Fill Options
Rope Cut
Cross Cut
Wave Cut
Oblique Cut
Additional Options
Epoxy Coating
3D Design
Coin Cutout
Engraved Text
Bottle Opener