USS Duarte Challenge Coin

Methods of training U.S. Navy supply officers have varied greatly over the years. The US Navy Supply Corps School (NSCS) is currently located in Newport, Rhode Island, a state rich in naval heritage, and has provided a permanent institution created for the sole purpose of providing students with the “personal and professional foundation for success.”

In 1971, an Instructor at the Navy Supply Corps School in Athens, GA, was entrusted with creating crew members of the fictitious destroyer, USS DUARTE (DD901) for case studies analysis throughout the Basic Qualification Course. Today, the attached photos of the DUARTE crew and all four supply divisions (Stock control, Foodservice, Retail Operations, and Disbursing) adorn the passageway walls of NSCSl to continue the student learning experience.

The NCS entrusted us with crafting a custom challenge coin for the 3rd Battalion, Echo and Foxtrot. The design concept was simple and straightforward: A very Navy-looking classic challenge coin, colored in gold and blue. They requested to have one of the coin’s sides to have a relief of the mythical USS Duarte.

The base material for the coin went through our computerized machinery that has taken a digitally designed layout drawn by our graphic designers. Once our equipment and tools did their magic, the coin was finished with layers of coating to make sure that it would stay for a long time.

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Finished Coin (Front)

uss duarte challenge coin front

Finished Coin (Back)

uss duarte challenge coin back

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