Lapel Pins & Enamel Pins

When Embleholics started out, we worked exclusively on military challenge coins for our customers. Over time, we have expanded to become experts on coins for other groups such as firefighter challenge coins, but have also since branched out to a wide variety of different items, such as enamel pins, custom bottle opener challenge coins, and custom lapel pins.


Designing Custom Lapel Pins


In creating lapel pins, the process is quite similar to the process of creating military challenge coins. The first step is starting with great ideas and building a great design from scratch. If you have made challenge coins with us, then it may be a simple matter of taking that other design and tailoring it to enamel pins, such as by changing the shape, adding a ribbon below, or just keeping everything the same. If you have artwork from someone else

After we finalize our ideas, Embleholics’ exclusive artists will perfect your enamel pins design and we will get started on production. Lapel pins come in all kinds of sizes, but a good size to go with if you are unsure is about 1″ to 1.125″. When it comes to options for the enamel pins, we can add 3D effects to any metal parts. We can also add ribbons of any kind to your lapel pins, or any other feature you can think of. In fact, we could probably even make enamel pins custom bottle openers!

When we confirm the details and payment has been made, Embleholics will craft from lapel pins from scratch, with fine precision detail going into each one. We will paint every detail of your enamel pins to perfection. Each item will be packaged individually and then delivered to you after inspection by our quality assurance team.


Amazing Lapel Pins


The Texas Water Utilities Association contacted us to work on a project for them, in celebration of 100 years of excellent service to their area. At first we created great looking challenge coins, and so they worked with us on our first lapels pins. As you can see, these custom enamel pins turned out looking fantastic.

To create these lapel pins, we used the front of the challenge coin as the key feature of the lapel pins, recreating every detail the same except using flat edges instead of the roped edges of the customer’s commemorative challenge coins.

After finishing the main part, we added a ribbon to the bottom of the custom lapel pins. The customer had a very specific ribbon idea in mind, and so it took several drafts of going back and forth until we finally settled on this one as the best. In the end we added an antique finish and the customer was happy with the final result of his coins.


Customer-Focused Lapel Pins


When this customer needed extra time in the design process to get their enamel pins looking perfect, we happily obliged. In fact, that is one of the key things that makes Embleholics different from the rest of the competition–we have our own artists to design your lapel pins, and we will work with you on your design for as long as it takes to make it perfect. This ensure that customers ordering any products from us will get a result at the end that looks as good as possible.

Work with Embleholics today on your lapel pins and enamel pins by requesting a quote using this form. We strive to be the best custom enamel pins and lapel pins designer and manufacturer anywhere.

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