Space Force Challenge Coins

With our custom Space Force challenge coins, you can commemorate and memorialize your time in the Space Force, bond with your fellow service members, and help them

Embleholics is a veteran-owned company that creates high-quality, personalized challenge coins to memorialize your service. 

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Custom Space Force Challenge Coins

Embleholics is a premier manufacturer of custom Space Force challenge coins. We personalize every coin design to the customer, use the highest quality materials, and create stunning, professional designs that Space Force guardians are proud to display. 

You can rest assured that your challenge coins will be completely one-of-a-kind, designed specifically for you by our professional artists and staff of veterans.

What Are Space Force Challenge Coins?

Space Force challenge coins are a type of military challenge coin for members of the United States Space Force. Military challenge coins are small, coin-sized tokens or badges with imagery and visuals symbolizing one’s time in the military. 

Challenge coins likely date back to World War I, when military units purchased custom coins to represent their squadrons and create a sense of camaraderie among service members. Their purpose soon expanded to recognize military achievements, award excellence, and instill pride in members of the armed forces. 

Space Force challenge coins represent the unique experiences and legacies of members of the Space Force. With the help of our disabled veteran-owned small business, you can create Space Force challenge coins that uniquely depict and commemorate your service. 

Many service members purchase custom challenge coins to gift to their fellow service members or as personal mementos to display on desks or bookshelves. These tokens can act as keepsakes that provide a visual reminder of your hard work, dedication, and commitment to your country. 

custom military challenge coin for army airborne by embleholics

What Can You Depict on Space Force Challenge Coins?

When you order custom Space Force challenge coins from Embleholics, you can choose the exact design emblazoned on your coin. We will work with you to develop a personalized design depicting all of the meaningful imagery and words that represent your time of service.

Below are a few ideas of what you can include on your coin, but keep in mind that we can customize it however you prefer.

custom military challenge coin for army airborne by embleholics

Space Force Logo

The Space Force logo is a popular emblem to include on custom challenge coins. This emblem features a silver delta set against a grid-lined globe, surrounded by a white orbit ring. The delta honors the heritage of the U.S. Air Force and Space Command, symbolizing the defense and protection against all threats from the space domain. 

Including one or all elements of this emblem in your custom coin design is a clear way to symbolize your membership in the Space Force.

Space Force Motto

We commonly work with Space Force members to include the force’s motto, “Semper supra,” which is Latin for “Always above,” in their coins. This motto serves as a reminder of the Space Force’s mission.

Dates of Service

Many members include their dates or years of service near the bottoms of their Space Force challenge coins. If you’re purchasing a coin for yourself rather than your entire squadron, this touch can personalize your coin. 

Dates Commemorating Special Events 

You may also want to include dates or symbols that memorialize special events within your service period, such as the launch of a new satellite, your graduation from training programs, or awards or recognitions you received. 

Other Personal Details 

Consider any other personal or meaningful symbols, quotes, or dates that could commemorate your time in the Space Force. Our team would be happy to recommend ideas from past coins we have designed.

custom military challenge coin for army airborne by embleholics

Order Custom Space Force Challenge Coins From Embleholics Today!

At Embleholics, we make the process of ordering custom, personalized Space Force challenge coins simple. Start by filling out our contact form with details about your coin design. If you have a design you’d like us to use, you can send it to us; otherwise, we can craft a design based on the information and ideas you provide. 

We will take time to create a unique, professional coin design that includes all of your desired elements, then send you a proof of your coin. Once you give us the go-ahead, we will begin production and shipping.

We will produce as many coins from that design as you would like, and then send them to you for free. You should receive your coins within 35 to 40 business days. 

Request a free quote for custom Space Force challenge coins today by filling out our form. 

custom military challenge coin for army airborne by embleholics

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