Firefighter Coins

Boise Idaho Firefighters

This firefighter challenge coin was a unique project for us as the Embleholics team are originally from Boise Idaho and take great pride in making something that is from our own home town. When it comes to designing firefighter coins for firefighters we find it to be a personal quest to make amazing challenge coins because one of our great friends had a dad who was a firefighter and gave up a lot of his personal life to volunteer. He and many others have sacrificed a great deal to public service.

When he reached out to us we wanted to make something that was special to him but also represented the area. In this coin you can see aspects of the look that often represents Idaho and its western mindset. We wanted to make sure to include additional elements that represented the fire department as well as the firefighters themselves. We wanted to include the St. Florian Cross which is a huge part of the firefighter ethos, but make it something special by keeping it more old school and ‘western.’ If you don’t happen to know what the firefighter cross means, here is some background:

“The badge of a fireman is the St. Florian Cross (oftentimes mistakenly called the Maltese Cross). This St. Florian Cross is a symbol of protection and a badge of honor. Its story is hundreds of years old.”

On the front side of the coin you can see the firefighter walking slowly away from the flames in the background. You can see the flames depicted in the different colors of red, white, and yellow to bring depth to the design. You can also see that the firefighter is painted black to bring attention to the firefighter as being the most important symbol of all. This coin was produced for a special event and given away for the celebration of the their service.

Embleholics continues to produce amazing firefighter coins for firefighters all over the country. Our goal is to make every firefighter challenge coin special in its own way, bringing elements that represent the firefighters and what they continue to do for us. We hope that if you want to make something special for your fire department, you choose Embleholics to make your some firefighter coins.


Challenge Coin Artwork

firefighter coins firefighter challenge coin artwork

Finished Coin Front

firefighter coins firefighter challenge coin

Finished Coin Back

firefighter coins

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