Firefighter Challenge Coins

Our professionals at Embleholics are proud to have made challenge coins for both individual firefighters and entire fire departments. Firefighters and their departments choose us because we make it fun, easy, and always produce unique and incredible looking coins. Not sure how to make firefighter challenge coins for your department? Not a problem. Customer service is key with Embleholics and we always respond to our customers in less than 12 hours and will help you with any questions you have about our easy process. We immediately start on your artwork. If you already have art, we will provide you a quote in less than 24 hours.

We live to make great custom coins for our customers. We go above and beyond when it comes to the creative process to make something special each time and strive to “break the mold” with each coin. We want to make challenge coins right and give you and your fire department a positive, lasting impression. We don’t make just coins, we make lasting experiences. Embleholics understands that everyone works hard for their money, especially firefighters. It is for that reason we offer our customers the best price on the internet – guaranteed!


Custom-made Firefighter Challenge Coins


Firefighters and fire departments have been serving our community for as long as America has been around, but the history of a firefighter goes back further than expected. It has been identified that some 2000 years ago in ancient Rome, firefighters once helped by roaming the city waiting for the alarm of a fire. Which such a strong history in protecting our communities and each other, there is a strong desire to continue these traditions and award those who have done honorable acts while in the fire service. Firefighter challenge coins are an incredible way of doing this.

Creating custom firefighter challenge coins is one of those positive ways to influence others as they are great to be given as a gift or award. Creating firefighter challenge coins may be something that seems new to many of the community’s members, but lots of coins have already been made for many different departments.

Firefighter challenge coins come in many different shapes and designs, with most firefighter challenge coins ranging from the standard circular shape to cut out coins in the shape of badges and emblems. Whatever you choose to make your coin look like, they should represent what being a firefighter means the most to you. The coin itself will in most cases be given to others throughout future events; it may survive fires, earthquakes, and other natural disasters.

Your firefighter custom challenge coins will continue on always and be remembered and kept in honor of your special event or cause. We would be proud to honor you and your service by having you as our customer and helping create your custom firefighter challenge coins

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