Masonic Challenge Coins

Masonic organizations have a long history of symbolism and tradition. Many lodges create challenge coins for their members and expect the best. 

Embleholics creates highly detailed and beautiful Masonic challenge coins. Plus, we have a streamlined process that makes creating your custom coins simple. 

Masonic Lodge Challenge Coins

Challenge coins can serve several important purposes within your Masonic lodge. For many years, Masons have created their own coins. There is clearly a reason people keep returning to this time-honored tradition. 

Reasons to make custom Masonic challenge coins include: 

  • Symbolism: We can carve your lodge’s symbols into this physical reminder. 
  • Values: The coins can stress values through words and images. 
  • Unity: With everyone carrying the same coin, your lodge can stress a greater sense of unity. 

Membership: Your custom coin can serve as a physical symbol of membership within the lodge.

marine corps custom challenge coin for First Light Armored Reconnaissance Battalion

Custom Designed for You

We’ll work with you through our entire three-step process to design your custom Freemason challenge coins. 


You submit ideas, and we’ll send back potential options. If you like one of our options, we can move forward with it. But if you don’t, we’ll make changes according to your wishes. We can go back and forth for as long as necessary to find a design that works for you. 


Once we have a design, we’ll need your final approval. Then, we can create a quote for your batch of Masonic challenge coins. 


With everything approved, we will start creating your Masonic collectible coins. Once they’re finished, we’ll ship them right to you.

Why Embleholics?

When looking for Masonic fraternity coins, Embleholics is the top choice—our process results in better, higher-quality coins. 

Attention to Detail

Many Masonic brotherhood coins include detailed imagery. You may choose to place specific symbols with hidden details or even an image of your Masonic Hall on your coin. 

In these cases, detail is critical. Yet, some companies may blur these details or be unable to replicate them exactly. 

We take pains to match details in precise ways. You will see this reflected beautifully on the final version of your Masonic challenge coins.

Marine Corps Challenge coin custom created by Embleholics
Marine Corps Challenge coin custom created by Embleholics

Variety of Options

We offer coins with a variety of options. You can get exactly what you want from your Masonic commemorative coins. 

We have an assortment of finishes, including gold, silver, nickel, and copper. Each is available in traditional, matte, and antique. Or you could choose antique brass or black nickel.

Our edge designs include:

  • Rope wave cut
  • Rope cut
  • Flat edge cut
  • Diamond cut

If you want something classic, you could choose an antique copper finish with a rope-cut edge. If you want something sleek and modern, you could choose a regular silver finish with a rope wave cut. No matter what you want, we have options that will suit your needs. 

Create Custom Masonic Challenge Coins for Your Lodge

Looking to create Masonic challenge coins for your group? Submit a form below and let Embleholics create the perfect design.


What Is the Purpose of Masonic Challenge Coins?

Masonic challenge coins can be a way to mark special events or a symbol of membership. They are similar to the challenge coins the U.S. military uses.

What Happens When Someone Gives You a Challenge Coin?

When someone gives you a challenge coin, you should keep and treasure it. It is a great honor to receive one.

What Are Freemasonry Signs and Tokens?

Freemasonry signs and tokens include hand gestures, handshakes, and passwords.

custom military challenge coin for army airborne by embleholics

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