Army Challenge Coins

Commemorate your time in the Army or share a special gift with comrades by purchasing custom Army challenge coins from Embleholics.

We’re a veteran-owned company that creates high-quality, personalized challenge coins with unique features and emblems to memorialize your service. 

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Custom Army Challenge Coins

We design Army challenge coins for all Army units including the Airborne, Army Rangers, Special Forces, and Army Infantry. Whatever design you have in mind, our professional artists will turn it into a meaningful memento that you and your comrades can proudly display. 

What Are Army Challenge Coins?

Army challenge coins are a type of military challenge coin specifically for members of the Army. These coin-like tokens include words and emblems that symbolize an Army member’s service. 

During World War I, military lieutenants handed out challenge coins to their units depicting the unit number and branch emblem. These coins created a sense of camaraderie among units and served as a tangible representation of their identity for when they left base. 

The term “challenge” coin comes from the lighthearted challenges that service members created surrounding these coins. A challenger could ask a fellow service member to display their coin at any time. If the service member did not have their coin on their person, they would be obligated to buy the challenger a drink. 

Now, Army challenge coins are popular keepsakes to celebrate and honor an Army member’s time in service. Many people purchase these coins for friends, family members, and even veterans they meet on the street to thank them for their service. Veterans also purchase unique, personalized Army challenge coins with imagery that depicts special moments of their deployment. 

custom military challenge coin for army airborne by embleholics

Explore our Army Challenge Coins

Our team of professional artists and designers can create a personalized Army challenge coin depicting any emblems, logos, mottos, dates, or other details you would like. We commonly create custom Army challenge coins including the following units:

custom military challenge coin for army airborne by embleholics

Army Airborne Challenge Coins

The men and women who make up the Army Airborne Force exhibit extreme bravery and fortitude. Ordering custom Army Airborne challenge coins is a small way to thank these courageous soldiers for their commitment to their country. 

We can create challenge coins that include any of the following details, as an example: 

  • Your unit’s motto 
  • Your unit’s logo or emblem 
  • The Airborne Force creed
  • Depictions of aircraft
  • Depictions of a soldier and their parachute

Featuring these unique details clearly showcases the coin-holder’s membership in the Airborne Force.

Army Ranger Challenge Coins

The Army Rangers, also known as the 75th Ranger Regiment, consists of lethal and agile combat experts who conduct raids into enemy territory. The process to become a Ranger is lengthy and challenging, and Army Rangers earn extensive recognition and respect for their service. 

With a custom Army Ranger challenge coin, you can thank an Army Ranger in your life or remember your own time in this regiment. You may decide to include the iconic motto, “Rangers, Lead the Way!” or the Rangers logo within a custom design.

custom military challenge coin for army airborne by embleholics
custom military challenge coin for army airborne by embleholics

Army Special Forces Challenge Coins

The Special Forces or “Green Berets” consist of the Army’s guerilla warfare experts. These intense, highly-trained teams use unconventional techniques to fight foreign terrorists. Symbols you may want to feature on your Special Forces challenge coin could include:

  • The green beret
  • The Fairbairn-Sykes Knife
  • The Special Forces Airborne logo
  • The Special Forces motto: “De Oppresso Liber”
  • Sections of the Special Forces creed

Gifting a custom Special Forces coin to a member or veteran of the Army Special Forces is a meaningful way to show your appreciation for their service. 

Army Infantry Challenge Coins

  • Our custom Army Infantry coins honor those who have served in the field to defend our country against ground threats. We create custom tokens for all three infantry branches: light infantry, stryker infantry, and mechanized infantry. 

    The Army Infantry is a demanding, challenging job, both mentally and physically. We are proud to provide high-quality Army Infantry challenge coins that commemorate the hard work these men and women have poured into their service. We can create personalized coins featuring the crossed muskets in the Infantry emblem, the Infantry motto (“Follow me!”), and any other details. 

custom military challenge coin for army airborne by embleholics
custom military challenge coin for army airborne by embleholics

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