Military Coins

Embleholics is a leading designer and manufacturer of military challenge coins. We work with our customers directly in order to understand each person’s and organization’s military coin needs. In order to get started with us, simply fill out one of our contact request forms on our website, including a description of your design idea and needs. Send along any images as well, and we’ll be in contact shortly in order to get started designing your military coins. We also design challenge coins for non-military organizations and events, including police and fire departments and any other person or group.

Military Challenge Coin Services

Military services we offer:

The military challenge coins tradition started in the mid-20th century as a way for military members to award others or commemorate events. Since then the military challenge coins tradition has spread to numerous other groups. Embleholics specializes in custom, very high-quality coins that stand out from what others can offer. We work with our customers individually to take your idea, whether it is just a rough image or a detailed sketch, and we send it to our professional artist. Our artist designs a mockup of how we will build your coins based off of, we go back and forth until it looks perfect, and then we will deliver to you your military coins 35-40 days later. If there is anything wrong with your order, we act honestly and ethically to do whatever we can to address your concerns satisfactorily.

Military Coins Made Right!

We have worked with all kinds of military organizations, including aircraft carriers and small vessels, air wings, military bases in the US and abroad, and large orders for large sized units. We can work with orders of military coins from 100 to as many as you need. If you are looking to stand out from others, we can also design your military coins to be comprised of unique shapes. All of our military coins are individually packaged for you to safely hand them out and prevent them from being scratched before the military coins are handed out to recipients.

Our military challenge coins easily beat all the competition. We make each coin, hand-refined and painted to perfection. Our military challenge coins undergo a long process from design to production, along with quality assurance and, finally, delivery to the location of your choice.

Embleholics has created military coins for the past several years and has quickly become a leader in cost and quality for military challenge coins of every size and shape. We have done military coins orders for aircraft carriers, coast guard cutter, supply departments, battalions and regiments, submarines, various Marine Corps and Army units, helicopter and air wings, and everything in-between. Our customers often tell us that our coins look better than almost anyone else’s, and we use a unique process which allows us to cater to the needs of every customer. We will do everything we can to take your idea and make it a reality for your military coins.

Embleholics also supports active duty military and veterans by being 100% composed of military members and veterans, while also donating a portion of our profits every year to charitable organizations that help improve military and veteran lives. We care about veterans, and since we are all active or former military ourselves, we understand in-depth the nature of military culture and organizations, terminology, and other military principles, making us the best option for military coins.

Our customer-oriented, attention-to-detail process and sales professionals are the most capable and experienced and ensure that we make the greatest military coins available.

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