Law Enforcement Challenge Coins

Embleholics makes law enforcement challenge coins for our customers that look and feel great. We have a long history of working with the police force as well as other services like firefighters and prisons. We know what it means to make a great feeling and rememberable challenge coin for the police force and take great pride in making law enforcement challenge coins.

When we make our challenge coins we start off by getting the customers basic ideas or images they want to use. We often ask them to provide us some basic sketch if possible. Once we get that we take those images and have our team start to design something looks great and represents the specific police unit or event. Once we get a basic draft down we send those to the customer and start to gather the feedback. After a few changes our customers are happy with the design and then we start the production process.

We understand the law enforcement challenge coins come from a long history of using the coins in celebrations, retirements, and other important events. We understand that its important to make sure the coins look right and are high in quality. With our highly skilled artist, we can make your law enforcement challenge coins look like anything you want, and continue to provide you with the highest quality possible.

Law Enforcement Challenge Coins History

It’s hard to say when law enforcement challenge coins came around exactly, but the military started to use challenge coins since World War I. Its safe to say that because many of our service men and women honorably serve in the police force after retirement or after their enlistments, that they brought with them the tradition of challenge coins with them. Challenge coins having a long history in the military and other organizations have made a huge impact in the police force as becoming a way to honor their police officers who have performed highly. Challenge coins are often kept by police officers for their lifetime and many of them have passed on their highly cherished challenge coins to their family members.

Law Enforcement Challenge Coins Done Right!

Start making amazing Law Enforcement Challenge Coins with us today. Our professional team is standing by waiting for you to send in your request and to start working on amazing artwork that will blow you away. We work with our customers directly to make sure that their needs are met. Our veteran owned and operated business is geared to making you great coins as we have done for thousands of other customers.

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Law Enforcement Challenge Coins Front
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