Marine Corps Challenge Coins

At Embleholics, we create personalized Marine Corps challenge coins using a professional design process and high-quality materials. Marines deserve the highest honors, and our expert craftsmanship and premium designs reflect their outstanding commitment to their country.

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What Are Marine Corps Challenge Coins?

Challenge coins are symbolic tokens depicting emblems and insignias that commemorate a person’s service. They became popular during World War I, and the tradition of challenge coins continues today. 

These coins got the name “challenge coins” because military troops often had challenges to ensure that their members carried their coins on them at all times. A challenger would ask to see a member’s medallion; if the member could not produce it, they would have to buy a drink for the challenger. There’s also more information about how to challenge someone with your coin.

While many Marine Corps members still carry challenge coins during service, they have also become a popular way to memorialize one’s time in the military. Veterans purchase these coins to reflect meaningful moments in their period of service or to gift to fellow Marines as a show of appreciation and honor.

Order Custom Marine Corps Challenge Coins from Embleholics

At Embleholics, we design and produce Marine Corps challenge coins according to your unique specifications. We follow this detailed process to create high-quality, durable coins that you can be proud to display as a representation of your service. 

Step 1: Estimate and Design

Begin by filling out our quote form on our website. On this form, you will include your contact information, the number of coins you would like to order, and a description of your coin. We will get back to you within 12 hours with a draft of your design. 

You can include as much or as little detail about your Marine Corps challenge coin as you’d like. If you only have a few ideas, we’ll work with them to create a comprehensive design that reflects your service period. Alternatively, if you have artwork you would like us to use, we will turn it into a professional coin design. 

We commonly design Marine Corps challenge coins that include:

  • The Marine Corps Eagle, Globe, and Anchor 
  • Specific deployments or dates
  • The service member’s name and rank
  • The Marine Corps motto or your unit motto
  • Dates commemorating meaningful moments during service

We offer unlimited changes to your design and want to ensure your 100% satisfaction with your coin concept. Just send us your feedback about what you like and dislike, and we will alter the design according to your specifications. 

At this stage, we will provide a quote based on your chosen design. We provide personalized quotes for each order to ensure that you get fair and up-to-date pricing.

marine corps custom challenge coin for First Light Armored Reconnaissance Battalion
Marine Corps Challenge coin custom created by Embleholics

Step 2: Proof and Approval 

Once we have nailed down a design, we will send you a proof showing exactly how your coin will appear after production. We will invite your feedback on the colors and the design as a whole and would be happy to make any last-minute changes at this stage. You also have control over the finish of your coin and can choose between gold, silver, matte copper, and antique brass. 

Once you have approved the design, we will start production. 

Step 3: Production and Shipping

We produce a minimum of 100 coins for each order, and production usually takes anywhere between 30 and 45 days. We will keep you up to date so that you know when to expect to receive your coins. 

After finishing production, we will ship your coins directly to you for free. We offer worldwide shipping.

Order Custom Marine Corps Challenge Coins From Embleholics Today!

As a disabled veteran-owned business, we take great pride in producing one-of-a-kind Marine Corps challenge coins that serve as meaningful mementos for our fellow military members. When you purchase custom Marine Corps challenge coins, you aren’t only supporting our business; you’re also supporting the military- and veteran-based non-profit organizations we donate to regularly, including:

  • Luke’s Wings
  • The Combat Wounded Coalition
  • The Disabled American Veterans 
  • The Aid and Attendance (A&A) Pension

Our design process is completely free, and we’d be happy to provide you with a custom quote for your personalized challenge coin. Fill out our quote form today; we’ll get back to you shortly with more information.

custom military challenge coin for army airborne by embleholics

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