Commander Challenge Coin

Embleholics greatest assets are the creativity of our customers and our ability to take what they want and turn it into something unique and real. Our most recent custom challenge coin that we designed was for a customer who was highly creative and would accept nothing but the best. The customer requested a unique cut coin in the shape of an oak leaf, since they were part of the Supply community for the Navy.

They wanted to create something that when people received the coin they would understand that they put time and effort into designing their coin, and have that reflect the time and effort that the person receiving the coin gave to their department or job. We understand that not only does a challenge coin represent our superior design ability, but also our customers and how they are perceived by those who obtain their coins. Like all of our designs that we produce for our customers, we started out with a basic sketch provided by the customer. Our art team then converted their request and descriptions into a more formal format for the customer to work with. After many revisions and additional notes, we were able to have the end result be a beautiful coin.

Our art team and challenge coin professionals understand our customers’ needs for perfection. It’s for that reason that we don’t charge our customers for their artwork. We also don’t have a limit on the amount of times that our customers can edit, update, or change their artwork. We also provide our customers with their final artwork so that they can use the high quality images in the future on additional products they may want designed. Surprisingly the hardest part about challenge coin manufacturing is the artwork. Most of the challenge coin companies on the internet are not operated by designers and have no idea what it means to create something that is pleasing and unique. The result is those companies won’t have the ability to make their customers a quality looking original coin. The founders of Embleholics have spent the last 20 years focusing on design concepts that are applied to each coin and have the ability to turn anything our customers want, into a physical work of art.

We look forward to seeing what coins our customers request and help us to create next. Our goal is not to make good coins for our customers. Our goal is to make GREAT custom challenge coins!


Challenge Coin Artwork

Command Challenge Coin Artwork

Finished Coin Front

Commander Challenge Coin

Finished Coin Back

challenge coin

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