Commemorative Coins

Frequently, Embleholics gets tasked by all kinds of organizations to make commemorative coins for a special event or occasion. We always look forward to working on commemorative coins as they allow us to really shine above and beyond the competition and showcase our work on a very big scale. We have done commemorative coins for military, nonprofit, corporate, and other government organizations for all kinds of events, ranging from weddings to grand openings, Veterans Day events to anniversaries.

One of the first things to consider for your commemorative coins is the coin design itself. We find that most commemorative coins work best when they are directed to a general audience, particularly in the symbolism, words, or images used in the coin design. With regard to the shape, these kinds of coins work better in a shape that looks professional, which can be round, cutout, or some other kind of simple but unique shape.

Commemorative Coins USO Artwork

In one set of coins, Embleholics was asked by USO to make wonderful looking professional commemorative coins for them. They wanted to give the coins out to active duty military, and wanted a similarly very professional box to go with it. What we came up with worked very well, and we even imprinted the USO logo on the inside cover of the velvet boxes, which add an excellent finish and extra surprise to those who opened the box the first time.

Recently, Embleholics was tasked by the Seattle Delta office to make a set of commemorative coins for them designed to honor veterans employed by Delta for Veterans Day. This coin turned out remarkably, with the front featuring the Delta logo centered upon silver wings, symbolic of the airline and flight. On the reverse, we featured the emblems of all 5 military branches upon a waving American flag background. The flag and logos turned out wonderfully, and the waving action is truly captured in the essence of this coin. The coin is rounded out with a 2017 engraving on the side.

Delta wanted to make this presentation extra special in honor of their employees’ military service. So they went with a velvet box option, which is quite large given the 4” length of the coin. An American flag is embroidered on the inside of the box. .

Commemorative Coins USO Box

Options for Commemorative Coins

While these two coins featured velvet boxes, there are other options for presenting your coins to recipients. We offer the embroidering of the velvet boxes at no additional charge. In addition to velvet boxes, we also offer acrylic boxes for your commemorative coins. Another option is a custom PVC envelope with your logo or other information on the outside of it. If you are looking for something further with the PVC envelope, we also have cardboard inserts that can be customized to any form, with printing on both sides.

These options allow for a wide variety of paths for you to truly make your commemorative coins shine above what others may do. The coins can be engraved with numbers, or even with other customized engravings, such as Delta’s 2017.

With Embleholics, we are the challenge coin professionals to work with for your commemorative coins. Aside from out options, it is also a matter of the effort we make to help your coins stand out for any occasion. We can do orders of any size greater than 100 for your commemorative coins. And our artists have years of experience making sure your coins turn out with as incredible a design as possible.

A great thing about us is that we understand that designing the perfect coin–and perfect commemorative coin in particular–takes time. Which is why we allow you to make as many modifications as are necessary for your coin design.

Contact one of our Challenge Coin Professionals today and make an incredible set of commemorative coins!

Commemorative Coins Delta Box

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