Custom Bottle Openers

Embleholics has been making custom bottle openers since the beginning, when we first made our cool bottle openers for new Mustang Ensigns aboard the USS Nimitz. Those particular ones were oval-rectangular shaped. Since then, however, we have grown and so has our ability to make different opener styles. This now allows us to create a wide variety of unique bottle openers, including not only opener style changes, but also fitting those styles into a wide variety of shapes.

We can now do virtually any custom bottle opener you can think of, the only limitation we generally run into are the limits of human creativity. We can do unique bottle openers where the opener is a mouth that fits over the bottle, and we have put that style in every location you can think of and every shape. We have made cool bottle openers for military, for fire departments, police departments, and every other kind of organization you can think of.


Custom bottle openers Mustang

Designing Unique Bottle Openers

When it comes to designing your Custom bottle openers, the first step in the process is to think about who will be a recipient of your openers. Will it be for a professional event, or will it be a more informal thing for your organization?

After that, start to think about the shape of your cool bottle openers. Remember, the sky is the limit here, so to choose a shape, think of a theme around your bottle opener, and pick a shape that makes sense that way. Perhaps there is a shape for your custom bottle openers that is already built into it, or perhaps we can take your shape and cutout parts to add the opener function? The old adage, “If you will it, it is no dream” applies here to your design. If you want a 3D bottle opener, we can do those to.

Some examples of cool shape we have done are dog tags, a firefighter helmet with the opener in the middle, and other incredible cool bottle openers.

Moving along, the next phase is to add any applicable imagery to your shape. This may not be necessary for all unique bottle openers as some are not intended to send any particular message. For others, such as organizations wanting their own custom bottle openers, there may be a need to include words, symbols, or something else on the back or front.


custom bottle openers navy ball

Custom Bottle Openers Artwork

After selecting any other imagery, we will create artwork based on your specifications, and then we will go back and forth until you think that our artwork looks like the perfect custom bottle openers you were hoping to make. Unlike almost any other bottle opener company out there, Embleholics allows our customers to make as many changes as are necessary in order to get the perfect artwork for you.

Our artists have over 15 years of experience creating designs for all kinds of products, including unique bottle openers. Together, we have created hundreds of different products and successfully delivered them to our customer’s satisfaction.

After finishing our design process, we hammer out any other details of your custom bottle openers, such as the type of plating on there–to include shiny and antique silver, copper, gold, brass, and nickel–whether you would like any engraving, or anything else you may think of.

We create an invoice for your custom bottle openers after this, and begin production of them the moment you pay.


custom bottle openers dog tag

Producing Cool Bottle Openers

Our production process of your custom bottle openers takes about 4 weeks and will begin immediately after we finish your design and you pay. Our unique bottle openers can come in a variety of different packaging options, such as PVC envelopes, bubble wrap, velvet boxes and pouches, among other options that, again, are mostly limited by the imagination.

After four weeks, the custom bottle openers you designed with us will be finished and shipped from us to you after inspection of them. Once you receive them, you confirm with us that they are as you expected, and then give out your coins for their intended purpose.

The first order you make of your custom bottle openers with Embleholics is higher, but reorders can be significantly cheaper as the initial costs of artwork and molds are prohibitive at first.

When choosing the bottle opener company to make you unique bottle openers, we hope that you decide to work with Embleholics. We are veteran owned and operated, and are a small business based here in the United States. We give our customers the utmost attention when making their coins, and believe in ethical business principles, honest dealing, and great customer service.

If you want the professional options for your custom bottle openers, then work with Embleholics today. There is nobody out there on the internet more experienced or skilled when it comes to making your products exact to your specifications.

As another options beyond your cool bottle openers, we can also take the artwork we create together and put it onto other kinds of products, such as pins, chains, coins, pens, anything you can think of. In addition, once you pay for the unique bottle openers that we are making for you, you can use that artwork for any purpose that you wish, such as making logos or putting it onto other products you make in the future.

Work with Embleholics today on your custom bottle openers!

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