Command Coins

Goldwater Air National Guard

Command coins are something that we spend a lot of time on. We understand that respected leaders will be giving out these coins to service men and women. We also know that command coins are often given out to VIP’s who visit the commands or have done things for the command that are important. Because of this, a coin that a leader gives away says a lot about that leader.

In this particular challenge coin we made it so that the unit is represented by the aircraft that they fly. We wanted to have that featured as the main focal point of the coin, the point which draws your attention first when you see the coin. We also knew it was important to feature one of the important leaders who the base was named after, putting their face as one side. When it comes to making command coins we often like our coins to have an older feel to them–which looks nice for almost any occasions–using our antique option. We also like to make some coins out of copper or bronze to look even more reminiscent of the past. With this command coin we capture exactly that, and the 3D face of the leader faithfully represents him in a realistic and honorable manner.

The 3D aspects of this coin are outstanding. On the front you can see that the man’s head and body pop out of the coin. We make every effort with our 3D designs to really give the customer a sense of a real 3D effect and feel. And best of all, we don’t charge extra for 3D.

We also made this coin to have cutout features so that we could have the design focus on the most important aspects. As you can see with this coin it has some cutout features but they are positioned in such a way that makes them contribute to the coin and not take away anything.

Command Coins Done Right!

Embleholics makes excellent command coins, and we know that these coins above all else are important because of who they are awarded by and to. We care about the tradition of the challenge coin and what it means to our customers. We ask that you give our team a chance when it comes to making your command coins. We will do our best to make you some amazing coins.

Challenge Coin Artwork

Command Coins Artwork

Finished Coin Front

Command Coins Front

Finished Coin Back

Command Coins back

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