Navy Chief Challenge Coin

Recently a customer asked us to make a nice cutout coin for them and the Chief’s Mess of a squadron. They included a description of their coin being in the shape of a ships wheel as well as asked about including different images and symbols that they wanted in their coin, such as all three insignia for Chief Petty Officer ranks, warfare insignia, a Supply Corps rating symbol, and a small 3-d statue important to this Chief’s Mess. Chief challenge coins are always fun to make because of the unique and deep heritage in the chief ranks, which also involves a lot of important symbolism.

Although this coin features a few 3-d figures, we have made entire coins that are 3-d, with parts of the cutout also textured and 3-d.

These are among some of the many Navy Chief challenge coins we’ve designed. Many of our coins have included other important symbolism as well, such as goats dressed in Chief’s khakis, coins shaped in a goat’s head or goat’s horns, even a lei around a goat’s neck. In addition, we have made Coast Guard Chief challenge coins as well.

If you are looking for ideas, just think about some of the key terms important to you or your organization. We can also take images of your ship and put them onto the coin as well.

We look forward to start working with you to make some amazing custom coins. We strive to give great customer service and offer our customers unique artwork that will be different than anything found on challenge coins today. When you design a coin with us, we not only do anything we can to make any coin you want, but we will work with you through as many design changes as necessary to get the perfect look you’ll be happy with when the coins are finished.

Be as creative as possible with our experienced art team of 15 years that has designed hundreds of different coins, from unique cutout challenge coins like this one to any other shape imaginable. Start working with us today and make yourself an amazing Navy Chief challenge coin. We will do everything we can to earn your business and make you happy with your challenge coins from Embleholics. We are one of the only 100% veteran owned and operated challenge coin businesses out there; we uphold ourselves to the highest ethical standards like those we gained from our time in the military.

Challenge Coin Artwork

3d Cutout Challenge Coin Boat artwork

Finished Coin Front

challenge coin

Finished Coin Back

3d Cutout Challenge Coin Boat front

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