Challenge Coin Rules

One of the more obvious things people can do with challenge coins are collect them and display them prominently some place at your home or desk at work. However, another one, which many people may not be aware of, is engaging is a series of traditions or games, which have associated challenge coin rules.

One of the more popular traditions among challenge coin collectors relates to drinking at a bar or other similar location with friends and colleagues. For this game, the challenge coin rules involve putting out your coin and announcing to those around you that you are performing a coin check; then putting coin down at the bar in front of the people you are with. At this point people can take different views of the challenge coin rules: people must present their command’s coin or a command associated coin; another view could be that people around must present any challenge coin at all, no matter where it’s from. In either case, anyone who doesn’t have their coin must buy a round of drinks for everyone.


Tradition of the Challenge Coin Rules

If you make this a tradition for yourself and your friends in the future, following these challenge coin rules can understandably be a big challenge, since you would have to bring a challenge coin with you quite often. Some people keep them in pockets, where they fit well even to carry around all of the time. Others go to more extreme measures, going so far as to even keep the challenge coin in a pouch around their neck so that they never forget it! Although this last idea may sound weird today, it too stems from the traditional place challenge coins were once worn: pilots wore them there and they were helpful for identification purposes and as good luck tokens.

Other challenge coin rules include the potential for stealing a challenge coin, whereupon the person who got stolen from or the entire group must buy a round for that person who stole it. Another challenge coin rule is using a ranking system for the coins, whereupon the person with highest ranking coin must get drinks bought for them.

The varieties of challenge coin rules are extensive, but can also include rules preventing use of challenge coins that have been damaged or defaced, or lending extra coins to a friend who forgot theirs.

One rule that hasn’t changed, however, is the rule of how you transfer a coin from one person to another: with the coin hidden in the palm and exchanged via handshake with the other person.

These challenge coin rules are just a start! Tell Embleholics about your own traditions or even start a new tradition today!

Challenge coins used to be small round coins, but have now grown into an array of differently and unique shaped coins in small and large sizes.


Key Challenge Coin Rules

The challenge coin can be used by friends and military members to challenge each other to a round of drinks. When one person pulls out their coin, each other person must show their coin, or buy drinks for the others. If all of the other people pull out their coins, the first person must buy the drinks. Here are the rules:

  • Pull out your coin
  • If someone doesn’t have their coin, they buy the drinks
    • If more than one doesn’t, those people split
  • If all people present their coins, the first person buys
  • So keep your coin with you all the time!!!
challenge coin rules
challenge coin
challenge coin rules
challenge coin rules

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