CVN-76 Cents Challenge Coin

USS Ronald Reagan (CVN-76) is a Nimitz-class, nuclear-powered supercarrier in the service of the United States Navy. CVN stands for Carrier, Volplane, Nuclear, it is a United States Navy hull classification symbol for nuclear aircraft carriers. Named in honor of former President Ronald Reagan, President of the United States from 1981 to 1989. Upon her christening in 2001, she was the first ship to be named for a former president still living at the time.

USS Ronald Reagan’s strength lies in the character and diversity of her crew: “We are more than just a team: we are family. Like any family, there will occasionally be friction – but we will always treat each other with dignity and respect, without exception.”

As the United States’ only forward-deployed aircraft carrier, USS Ronald Reagan is the cornerstone of Carrier Strike Group 5. Together with Carrier Air Wing 5, their ship-air wing team forms the most lethal fighting force in the world.

We had the honor to build them a custom challenge coin called the ’76 Cents’. On one side it’s designed to look like a coin with a sculpted image of Reagan’s head on it. On the other side, we put the engravings of the CVN-76 with its aircrafts hovering above it.

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Finished Coin (Front)

cvn 76 cents challenge coin front

Finished Coin (Back)

cvn 76 cents challenge coin front

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