Coin Challenge

If you are looking for your own coin challenge then look no further–Embleholics is your final choice. We are confident in our ability to make the best coin challenge for you at the best price we can do it. We stand by our work and our coins are known for impressive designs and high quality.

We have a number of different options to customize your coin challenge and make it as great as possible once finished. For example, we can do a number of plating options in shades from antique to shiny, including copper, gold, brass, silver, and nickel. We can engrave your coin challenge, put a protective coat on top, or add a bottle opener. Any shape or size are possible.


Great Coin Challenge Designs


This coin challenge is one of several brewing coins Embleholics has created. We focused the front with the company’s logo, stars, and a beautiful saying along the outside. On the back, we put a tap handle, and an excellent wood-looking finish for the background. Some hops and wheat ring the outside of the back.

If you look closely, you can see that the bottom part of the handle is 3D, as are the scrolls. Even more impressive on this coin challenge, however, are the 3D gold wheat images along the outer ring of the back.

This coin challenge turned out great in part because of the good color balance and impressive effects on the back. We don’t say lightly that almost every coin we do comes out looking great, because of the care and concern we put into every single design. Embleholics has create hundreds, thousands of coin challenge designs, and our professional artist has a dozen years of experience in designing great products for people like you.

Work with us by filling out our form today to create some of your own coin challenge. We guarantee the best price for our customers and your satisfaction.

Challenge Coin Artwork

Coin Challenge Artwork

Finished Coin Front

Coin Challenge Front

Finished Coin Back

Coin Challenge Back

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