Firefighter Challenge Coin

Although Embleholics got our start with making Navy challenge coins, direct to fellow shipmates in the Navy, increasingly we find ourselves working with firefighting organizations all over to create the perfect firefighter challenge coin. Creating firefighter challenge coins is now one of the most commonly requested types of products.

You wouldn’t think these things are that different, but when it comes to custom artwork it can be hard to get an artist who can get your design perfect. Our artist team is highly experienced and a firefighter challenge coin for over 100 departments or similar organizations so far.

Creating a nice-looking firefighter challenge coin starts with selecting nice-looking images and then working with Embleholics team of artists to craft how your coin will look artistically. This is how we make all our custom military products and other commemorative products, and using artists is one of the main reasons our coins look the best.


A Unique Firefighter Challenge Coin


This customer came to us with a design already in hand, and there was no need to use Embleholic’s creative artist team, and instead produced the firefighter challenge coin directly with our factory. In less than a month, we delivered them to our customer’s overall satisfaction.

An interesting part about this firefighter challenge coin is the extensive engraving on the edge of the coin. The customer wanted a two part saying split top and bottom of the coin, with two dots separating them in the middle. It turned out great, and the extensive engraving needed was no issue for us at all.

Work with Embleholics on creating a great-looking firefighter challenge coin today! Get started by submitting a quote request from us and we can start on your artwork in as soon as a day later

Challenge Coin Artwork
firefighter challenge coin artwork showing artistic versions of the design
Finished Coin Front
firefighter challenge coin front design showing the schools logo
Finished Coin Back
firefighter challenge coin back image

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