Navy Coins

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Embleholics is run by Navy veterans, and we got our start selling Navy coins aboard ships to our fellow shipmates and departments. Back then, we made all our Navy coins via word of mouth, and hand delivered them to our wonderful customers. Later, as we have grown, so has our business to focus on challenge coins for any other kind of organization, as well as making numerous other products now in addition to challenge coins.

Navy coins mean a lot of different things to different people. For some it represents themselves or their organization, perhaps for a promotion, retirement, or big event. Sometimes even as informal awards to sailors who have done a great job at a certain task or overall in their performance.

These Navy coins were commissioned by a Navy shore squadron in order to represent their organization. We made the shape of the aircraft into an EA-18G Growler, which turned out remarkably accurate profile view of the aircraft.


Custom Navy Coins


On one side of the jet, you see the contours of the plane in an antique silver. On the other side you see models and dates commemorating this squadron’s past aircraft, the EKA-3B Skywarrior and EA-6B Prowler, with their years of service below. These Navy coins look fantastic and represented this squadron with excellence.

Overall these Navy coins looked incredible and are just another in a long line of fantastic shapes and sizes that we have made. This coin shows beautifully how Embleholics is continuin to push the envelope of what’s possible with our coins.

We are 100% veteran owned and operated and we care about your Navy coins! Let’s work together on some amazing Navy coins!

Challenge Coin Artwork

Navy Coins Artowkr

Finished Coin Front

Navy Coins Front

Finished Coin Back

Navy Coins Back

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