FACSFAC San Diego Coin

FACSFAC or Fleet Area Control and Surveillance Facility is the scheduling and coordination agency for air, surface, and subsurface activity in the California offshore ranges and operations airspace off the coasts of San Diego and San Francisco. The primary mission of FACSFAC is to provide the scheduling, coordination, and control necessary for the complex naval operations of today.

FACSFAC San Diego, located primarily at Naval Air Station North Island, is responsible for the management and scheduling of designated military offshore operating areas in South and North California. Hosted onboard NAS North Island, it is the Navy’s primary facility for scheduling, surveillance, and control of diverse air, surface, and subsurface activity on the West Coast.

They requested us to design and manufacture a special custom challenge coin, that was shaped like a US Navy wing. ON the front side they wanted an Air Warfare emblem, and on the back side, they wanted to put US Navy insignia and the logos of FACSFAC and FACSFAC San Diego.

The wing-shaped challenge coin has some petite details that needed to be fabricated with our machine, such as the feathers, the small logos and insignias, the tiny inscriptions, and also the diamond plate pattern on the back of the coin. We’re glad that we could execute everything perfectly.

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Finished Coin (Front)

facsfac san diego coin front

Finished Coin (Back)

facsfac san diego coin back

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