Army Challenge Coin

The Dauntless Battalion traces its history to the Cadets of the Pennsylvania Military College (1821-1972), the Pioneer Battalion (1973-2005) and the Freedom Battalion (2005-2012). Widener University is the host with cadre also instructing at Villanova, and West Chester Universities. Widener’s ROTC cadre, Dauntless Battalion, produces the next generation of leaders in the Philadelphia area—helping students become the best version of themselves.

They wanted a challenge coin that represent themselves but not overwhelming in design, by using their logo’s non-ordinary outline to be used as the basic shape of the coin. Design-wise, this challenge coin is pretty much making sure that we have all the right letterings and insignias to be incorporated, and also choosing the perfect proportion so everything would be crafted flawlessly and can be shown clearly. Minimum use of colors with a bit of accent would be perfect for the design.

The final result is a very simple but representative challenge coin that they could be proud of. The shape of the coin is cut exquisitely, just like their original insignia. The glossy red paint on the background glows just right, and the embossed white letterings pops out of the coin with spot on engraved details, even the small ones are clearly noticeable.

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Finished Coin (Front)

Army Challenge Coin Front

Finished Coin (Back)

Army Challenge Coin back

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