Custom Made Challenge Coins

California State Militia 

Embleholics makes amazing custom made challenge coins for military, firefighters, police officers and other law enforcement. Over the last few years we have designed thousands of coins that are of the highest quality and also unique to each customer.

Embleholics works hard to meet our customers needs in every way possible. When we start working with our new customers we take their design, images, sketches, and ideas and work with our team of professional artists to come up with a basic design for our customers to review. Once we get feedback from our customers we then take that feedback and make as many changes needed to exceed our customer’s expectations. When it comes to making custom made challenge coins, no one puts as much effort into the design process as we do.

Custom made challenge coins symbolize the military in many aspects. They are given to subordinates for a job well done and are often given to visitors of military organizations as a thank you or special gift. Whatever custom made challenge coins are used for, they come from a long tradition and are continually being used by more and more civilian organizations.

Custom made challenge coins done right!

When we started go make this coin we wanted to make something that would represent the unit as well as the state that the unit represents. Because of that we made the coin to show the California state flag in the background as well as the militia minute man standing front and center for all to see. As the coin doesn’t represent a official military unit, it does however represent men and women there to stand up in time of need. The coin’s front represents that by displaying the man standing up with his rifle.

We also included in the design of these particular custom made challenge coins some deep colors of blue and gold that are often used in the military to make beautifully colorful and antique looking coins. On the back of the coin we included the basic design of the unit with some basic 3D aspects to keep the coin professional and also elegant.

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Whatever your custom made challenge coins are for, we hope that you will consider us. We have a passion for making amazing challenge coins for our customers and look forward to doing the same thing for you. Work with us today on your custom made challenge coins.

Challenge Coin Artwork

Custom Made Challenge Coins Artwork

Finished Coin Front

Custom Made Challenge Coins front

Finished Coin Back

Custom Made Challenge Coins back

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