US Army Challenge Coins

US Army challenge coins are something that we take pride in making. The US military in general provides our country with a protective service which is unfathomable. They sacrifice their lives and their family to provide the United States freedom and stability. Embleholics wants to say thank you for still keeping us safe. One way that we can say thanks is by providing the best challenge coins possible. We make our US Army challenge coins special from start to finish to make sure that our service members receive excellent, standard-setting coins.

As military veterans ourselves we know what it’s like to serve. We know what it means to also receive a challenge coin from someone who we respect. Embleholics understands what challenge coins mean and the traditions behind them. We make our challenge coins unique looking and from scratch so that each US Army challenge coin is made using the highest quality and unique artwork available anywhere for challenge coins.

US Army challenge Coins Made Right!

With this US Army challenge coin we were asked to make a basic coin that had been made before. Even with this design that was provided to us, we went back to the drawing board to give the coin a little extra and show our customer what we could do. Though the design is pretty basic we went with a curved front rather than a flat look to the coin. This choice was highly unique and, although it uses a simpler color combination, this helps gives the coin a lasting appeal.

We  also took the basic text on the back and made it pop out of the coin in a more 3D look. We wanted to make sure that even though the text was all one color, that whoever was reading it could see each letter of each word in fine detail. In the final colors we went with an antique gold look which gave the coin its refined and old military feel, but still made it look like a new and updated design.

Unique US Army Challenge Coins

If you are interested in making challenge coins please visit our past designs to get an idea of what you want. We have made 1000’s of challenge coins in the past as well as coins for every branch of service and have a huge passion for the military and US Army. Start working with us today to make your very own US Army Challenge Coins!

Challenge Coin Artwork

us army challenge coins artwork

Finished Coin Front

us army challenge coins front

Finished Coin Back

us army challenge coins back

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