NAVWAR Goat Locker Coin

As the Navy’s information warfare systems command, NAVWAR (Naval Information Warfare Systems Command) is the Navy acquisition command that develops, delivers, and sustains communications and information warfare capabilities for warfighters, keeping them securely connected anytime, anywhere.

NAVWAR consists of more than 10,000 active duty military and civil service professionals located around the world and close to the fleet to keep NAVWAR at the forefront of research, engineering, and acquisition to provide and sustain information warfare capabilities to the fleet.

In Navy jargon, the “Goat Locker” is a lounge, sleeping area, and galley on board a naval vessel that is reserved for the exclusive use of chief petty officers. By tradition, all other personnel, including officers and even the commanding officer, must request permission to enter the goat locker.

NAVWAR asked us to build them a custom challenge coin, We had the opportunity to produce one of the nicest coins we have ever manufactured. The design has so many elements and details which are all engraved and colored, and most of the paint applied has gradation which makes the coin has an artistic depth and texture. As you can see from the photos, this is one beautiful and sophisticated challenge coin.

Make your NAVWAR challenge coins with Embleholics, the 100% veteran-owned and operated challenge coin company! Just request a quote from us and we will contact you within 24 hours and get started on your coins. 

Finished Coin (Front)

navwar goat locker coin front

Finished Coin (Back)

navwar goat locker coin back

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