USS George Bush Challenge Coin

If you are looking to make a aircraft carrier challenge coin, Embleholics is the best company to work with. We have created USS Nimitz challenge coins, USS Ronald Reagan challenge coins, and USS Gerald Ford challenge coins. With this USS George Bush challenge coin, Embleholics now has worked with almost all US Navy aircraft carriers, sometimes with the whole ship and other times with smaller departments.

This particular USS George Bush challenge coin was commissioned by the chief’s mess as a means of building camaraderie and cohesion within the unit, something Navy chief’s have done for decades using challenge coins.

These Navy Chief challenge coins went for a more professional look, likely because a recipient or person handing them out was likely to have been a high ranking individual. The USS George Bush Challenge coin starts with a 3D ship on the front, complete with gold chief’s anchors, an easy task for Embleholics’ plating experts.

Amazing USS George Bush Challenge Coins


The remainder of the design of their USS George Bush challenge coins were rounded out by a jet silhouette on the front, likely the same fighter as would be found on the decks themselves. The other parts of the design has stars, information, and other symbolism important to the mess and USS George Bush itself. Embleholics’ customer was very happy with the professionalism and quality that we provided and delivered to them with their finished Navy challenge coins.

To get started, request a quote from Embleholics and we will respond to your request within 24 hours. We can start making your coin design within 24 hours as well. Work on a USS George Bush challenge coin with veterans that have served aboard carriers by choosing Embleholics!

Finished Coin Front

USS George bush Challenge Coin image of the final challenge coin

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