Custom Military Coins

Work with us on your custom military coins today! We guarantee the best price with the greatest quality for price of any company out there. We are one of the only 100% veteran owned and operated and seek to provide the highest level of professionalism, honesty, and excellence in everything we do and every coin we design.

Embleholics has made thousands of different custom military coins designs and worked with every military organization thinkable, including all branches, combat forces, ship, air wings, and special operations organizations. We have also worked with every kind of department and unit size. We confidently claim to make the best custom military coins available.


Amazing Custom Military Coins


These particular custom military coins were commissioned by a former special warfare specialist who wanted to represent his company to customers, possibly as thank you gifts for bigger customers. The front of the coin thus features his company’s logo.

The back of the coin design features two crossed rifles with a beautiful waving American flag background, along with the Seal Trident in great detail and a fitting phrase around the edge. For the plating on the custom military coins, we went with a shiny gold along the edge and for the lettering, as well as an interesting black nickel for the rifles and the background of the front.

This customer’s custom military coins turned out great. The design has a good balance between simplicity and interesting aspects that make it unique.

If you want further options, we can also make make your custom military coins into unique shapes and with endless cutout options as well.

Embleholics is the team to work with for your custom military coins! Request a quote from us today to get started! We are the coin professionals.

Challenge Coin Artwork

custom military coins artwork

Finished Coin Front

custom military coins front

Finished Coin Back

challenge coin

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