NAVIFOR Challenge Coin 

NAVIFOR or Naval Information Force Reserve, formerly IDCRC (Information Dominance Corps Reserve Command), provides timely and valued Naval Information Force capabilities (Meteorology & Oceanography, Information Operations, Networks, Cryptology/SIGINT, Intelligence & Space) from the Reserve Component to meet Fleet and Joint operational requirements.

NAVIFOR was originally established on Oct. 1, 2014, as Information Dominance Forces Command. NAVIFOR is the global readiness-focused type command responsible for organizing, manning, training, and equipping, and identifying requirements for all information warfare (IW) capabilities.

Its mission is to provide qualified Information Warfare professionals who are ready to be employed across the operational continuum to support and augment the Fleet, Combatant Commands, and Department of Defense agencies in support of the assigned missions and national strategic goals.

We built a very handsome custom challenge coin for them. They asked for an unsophisticated and monochromic challenge coin, so we didn’t apply any paints or colors to it. So we needed to focus on the details and the quality of the engravings and the layout design to make sure that this non-colored coin still radiates beauty.

We put an sculpture of the NAVIFOR insignia, an anchor and a thunderbolt, on one side. And we engraved the map of the 7 southern states of the USA on the other side.

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Finished Coin (Front)

navifor challenge coin front

Finished Coin (Back)

navifor challenge coin back

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