Mason Coins

As you may have guessed, Embleholics has designed and delivered dozens of Mason challenge coins. There is not a type of challenge coin we haven’t done. With this particular coin, we see the lodge’s name, number some important symbols, the date they were established, and other important details on the front.

On the back, we see a fine rendering of a diagonal view of the lodge’s building, a rendering that turned out quite excellent looking. Our rendering was highly accurate and detailed, as they almost always are, and the customer was happy with how they turned out.

This coin highlights several common aspects seen in Mason challenge coins–the lodge name and number, symbols, and dates. The building adds an excellent touch to this. If you are looking for ideas for a Mason challenge coin, this is an excellent example to begin brainstorming. This coin features an antique gold finish and, unlike most coins we do, does not have any painted elements. Although paint can add a nice element and looks good for most cases, a purely metal finish coin can look incredibly well-refined, smooth, clean, and highly detailed in a way that may not be fully realized with paint. In this same way, we can achieve a greater level of detail for buildings than we could with paint.

Another aspect to Mason coins are the symbology, and we are happy to let you know that Embleholics has an excellent track record of meeting the highly detailed needs Masons have when representing their symbols on any kind of medium.

Finished Coin Front

mason coins front

Finished Coin Back

mason coins back

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