Dog Tag Challenge Coin

Make your very own military dog tag challenge coins today with Embleholics. Request a quote from us and we will respond to you within 24 hours and get started on your design immediately thereafter.

When it comes to making incredible looking military dog tag challenge coins we are excited to make yours look as great as all of the others we have made. If you already have a design, great, otherwise we have a team of excellent artists who can take any words, symbols, or images you have and turn them into a great looking custom military challenge coins design.

In addition to making a great design, we also offer a number of different options to make your military dog tag challenge coins unique and amazing looking. Among these options include:

  • military dog tag challenge coins bottle openers
  • plating options such as silver, gold, nickel, brass, or copper
  • serialization or other engraving
  • other cutout options


Custom Military Dog Tag Challenge Coins


This particular customer wanted Embleholics to make a set of very important military dog tag challenge coins, for the Vice Chief of Staff of the Army. The design was kept simple and professional, with Embleholics creating the finished product to great fidelity to the original images, fitting for the expectations of a General.

Finished Coin Front

Dog tag challenge coin with stars on front

Finished Coin Back

dog tag challenge coin back with quote

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