Real Trucking Challenge Coin

Real Trucking Inc. is a quality freight transportation provider with continual top ratings from customers and drivers, was established in 2007 in Chicago, IL, prior to the Great Recession. Their mission is building a long-term mutual partnership with our customers, constant improvement of customer service, and monitoring the efficiency of everyday cargo delivery.

Real Trucking company’s 200-truck fleet is in motion with immense growth, a perfect safety score, responsive dispatchers, and quick resolution of any driver issues. As the business grew and shipping demand increased, Real Trucking was able to meet the additional demand. Their main office is located in Broadview, Illinois.

This coin is a commemorative one, to celebrate the collaboration of Real Trucking and American Trucking & Transportation Insurance or ‘atticrrg’. The design that they submitted is pretty simple, just a normal round silver-colored coin, with their logo engraved on both sides. They wanted the coin to be minimalistic, with only a small amount of coloring applied.

Working on a clean and unsophisticated custom coin is not easier than making a more complex one, because the product must still look amazing without the additional shapes, elements, or colors. We had to make sure that the competition and proportion of every element fit nicely, and the height of the reliefs and inscriptions had to be right so we could see the ‘depth’ of the design.

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Finished Coin (Front)

real trucking challenge coin front

Finished Coin (Back)

real trucking challenge coin back

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