Air Force Challenge Coin

We received an order from the Air Force to design and manufacture a custom challenge coin which would be presented by their Chief Master Sergeant. They want something simple and classy, but still distinctive and represent the Air Force mission, which is to fly, fight and win – airpower anytime, anywhere.

While we tend to keep everything basic and classic, we also tried to find a way to make the challenge coin to feel and look ‘Light as Air’. So we just start with three basic elements: A circle, the U.S Air Force logo, and the Rank Insignia. We put them together on the sides of the coin, and the we hollow out the unnecessary parts. We put as minimum details and attributes to the coin to keep it simple and light. Simple but bold letterings are just perfect, and then we make sure that the embossed details on the logo and insignia are perfectly executed.

What we get is a very simple, light yet very representative coin, with only two colors applied, white and blue, which are the trademark colors of the USAF, perfectly matched with the matte silver, the original color of the coin. It’s just screams ‘Air Force’ just by looking at it in a glance.

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Finished Coin (Front)

Air force Challenge Coin Front

Finished Coin (Back)

Air force Challenge Coin back

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