Chief Coins

One of Embleholics’ founders is a Navy Chief, and so you can be sure that if you want great Chief coins, then we are the best option for you to work with. We have done every imaginable kind of Chief coins, including individual and group Chief promotion events, Chief’s Messes on ship or anywhere else, and even for the entire mess on a carrier!

These particular chief coins are a great example of showcasing several things we are capable of. Both sides were designed to have very similar formats to one another, giving a pleasant transition from one to the other side. On the border of these chief coins, we have well detailed chain link, with scrolls saying different things on each side along the bottom.

Perhaps the most interesting thing about these coins though, is the glow in the dark yellow neon-like paint on the front of the Chief coins. It actually does glow in the dark.

To contrast that cool effect on the back, we added a background that looks remarkably close to wood given that we are talking about a Chief coins here.


Chief Coins Designs


Embleholics has designed hundreds of Chief coins, and similarly have designed those coins for Chief’s corollaries in the other branches. We know exactly how to do these things because we are the professional challenge coin makers. We know the challenge coin side, and we know the military background side as well. We are 100% veteran owned and operated, and care greatly about making great coins for all those who do serve or have served.

Please contact us and we will start working on your Chief coins design today! We will email you and then after confirming our contact details start working on a design based on the details you provide us.

Challenge Coin Artwork

Chief Coins Artwork

Finished Coin Front

Chief Coins Front

Finished Coin Back

Chief Coins Back

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