Chief of Naval Reserve 100 Years

When the Chief of the Naval Reserve asked us to make a coin for them, it was a huge deal for us to work with an O-9. More than we already normally do, we wanted to make something that represented what they were trying to achieve and which would have a very high degree of professionalism and perfection. The coin was to be designed for the 100 year anniversary and to be given to high ranking officials, people involved in the celebration, and also anyone else that who the Admiral wanted to give the coin to. We ended up creating a custom shaped coin that implemented some designs of the Navy as well as the celebration itself.

The front highlights the 100 with some unique color combinations to give an extra bit of impressiveness, with a 3D anchor down the center. The back includes some other important words and features, along with a grainy texture on the back. The texture is something not often thought about when it comes to making challenge coins, but can add an additional surprise and aspect to a coin. And when it comes to textures, just as with everything else we do, the sky is the limit with us. If we haven’t done it before, we will do our best to put a texture into your coin in as close a way that you want as we can. And while most people think about a texture that protrudes out, we have done many coins with textures that actually recess into the coin. We can do it all! If you can think it, we can do it.

It was a great pleasure to see a coin made by Embleholics on TV, especially on the Tonight Show, because we are a small company and take great pride in our work. Seeing it featured on national television was a great feeling. While on the show, the Chief of Naval Reserve enlisted a number of Naval Reservist on TV and provided this challenge coin to Jimmy Fallon. Another great thing about this was that it helped introduce the idea of what a challenge coin is to many people who had no idea. Although everyone in the military knows what challenge coins are, very few civilians have any idea they even exist or why they do, so that was great to see here as well.

Embleholics supports military and public service organizations, and we care deeply about making the best coins you can find. We will do everything we can to get you the best looking coins around.

Finished Coin Front

naval reserves 100 years jimmy front

Finished Coin Back

challenge coin

Coin Being Presented

challenge coin

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