Boise Firefighters Challenge Coin

The Boise Fire Department is the agency that provides fire suppression services within the city of Boise, Idaho and contract services to two suburban fire districts including the city of Garden City and the village of Hidden Springs. It is the largest fire department in Idaho. Boise’s first fire department was created on January 24, 1876; consisting of 28 volunteers. Their first female captain was promoted in 2019.

On July 29th, 2019, the Boise Fire Department welcomed the 33rd recruit academy, the largest fire academy in the department’s recent history. Among the group of new recruits, there is just one woman. Boise Fire Division Chief Brad Bolen says everyone in the class comes from different backgrounds, and despite being a diverse recruiting class, everyone in the group is held to the same standard.

We had the opportunity to design and produce the custom challenge coin for the Class of 33. The design used for the coin was simple, and bold, but a bit different than common fire department challenge coins. While still using the common fire department symbol such as the Maltese Cross as the base shape of the coin, they wanted some unique details like the engraved crossed axes and skull to be applied to the design.

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Finished Coin (Front)

boise firefighters challenge coin front

Finished Coin (Back)

boise firefighters challenge coin back

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