Bottle Opener Challenge Coin 

We at Embleholics love beer, just like most people in the Navy, and so when we were tasked by a Chief’s Mess to make a coin that highlighted both the Navy and an appreciation for beer, we were very happy. What we produced was a coin that any fan of beer would appreciate.

On the front of this coin we have a beer stein, with elements of it highlighted artistically throughout, the silver giving off the appearance of condensation and the glass, while delicious looking beer rises to the top with foam included. A Chief’s symbol centers the stein.

On the back of this bottle opener coin, the purpose behind the coin is highlighted: an award to newly minted Chief Petty Officers.

This coin shows many things, among which are a creative use of space to create a bottle opener. Although it makes perfect sense, it’s actually quite a creative idea given that not many people have made coins like this. Looking at images of challenge coins can help stir the juices, and we can help you make the perfect bottle opener coin.

Although Embleholics cannot and will not reuse any of the artwork from previous coins, a critical piece of the design process is to look around and see what others have come up with, particularly if you don’t consider yourself to be that creative. After you have found some ideas, piece together what you like using symbols, words, or parts of other coins, and send it to us and we will make a mockup unique to you!

Finished Coin Front

bottle opener challenge coin chief mug front

Finished Coin Back

bottle opener challenge coin chief mug back

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