Navy Fleet Challenge Coin

This is one example of a well designed and produced Navy Fleet Challenge Coin that we ever produced. This coin is requested by the USN Fleet Introduction Team Norfolk. While the basic concept for the design is quite simple and clear, the graphic and design elements in their insignias are pretty sophisticated, with a lot of small lines and curves.

And they also want a colorful challenge coin, which means that most of the surface of the coin will be painted, including the areas within the embossed lines. The choice of the colors and the height of the sculpted outlines will determine the success of manufacturing the coin. Each ornament must not overwhelming each other to create a synergy in the design.

The result is a brilliant and enchanting challenge coin. You can see for yourself in the pictures that everything is fabricated perfectly. The colors are painted exactly where they should be, and all the outlines and graphics are engraved adequately.

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Finished Coin (Front)

Navy Fleet Challenge Coin Front

Finished Coin (Back)

Navy Fleet Challenge Coin back

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