Deck Plate Challenge Coin

Navy Chiefs Birthday Ball

As you might have guessed, we have made a ton of challenge coins, and seen even more. The need and purpose behind each challenge coin is unique and varies depending on level of professionalism needed, who will be receiving them, etc. However, there are a number of features that can go into the challenge coin making process that many people don’t think about or know are possible. One of these features is the texture on the background of a coin, such as is seen in this deckplate challenge coin, which features not one but two different textures.

On the front we see a look and texture that is as close to real-looking wood as is likely possible on a coin. The contoured lines look and feel like actual wood, even with knots in parts of the wood. The font style of the lettering on the front even fits very well with the style of the background, as does the artistic rendering of a Chief’s anchors.

On the back, it’s as though there is a completely different style. Whereas the front seems more casual and collegial, the back evokes professionalism and seriousness. With a huge number of the Navy’s decks covered in this certain cross-diamond pattern, we worked with this customer to create an excellent looking deckplate challenge coin which, aside from looking nice, doubles as symbolism for Navy Chief’s, who are deckplate leaders.

Finished Coin Front
deck plate challenge coin Front
Finished Coin Back
deck plate challenge coin back

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