Custom challenge coins

At Embleholics, our mission is to create the most amazing custom challenge coins available anywhere, and to do so at as affordable price as possible. We simply do not offer low-quality coins, as these are not the kinds of coins we would want to have for ourselves. Rather, we create coins that we can be proud of, coins which will impress everyone around you, whether they receive a coin or not.

By custom challenge coins we mean a coin that quite literally “Breaks The Mold” and which looks far different from many of the formulaic, mass-produced, or otherwise unremarkable coins available elsewhere on the internet. Embleholics team members spend many months and moons searching far and wide for the most capable artists and manufacturers, who can create our amazing art designs and then reproduce them with faithful quality. Although we have found those people, we still strive for excellence and perfection with each coin as is humanly possible, every single time. We take pride in our work, and you can feel assured of these facts when you work with us.

custom challenge coins quality made

Customise your Custom Challenge Coins

Among the many customizable options we offer, some of these include: plating options in shiny or antique, including nickel, black nickel, silver, brass, copper, and gold; cutout shapes of any kind you can think of—we have never had to say no to a customer because their cutout shape was too unique or challenging; serialization of coins or other kinds of engraving; epoxy coating options in order to better preserve the coin’s finish and paint for many years beyond normal;  textures on metal or even under paint, including textures that both protrude out of and recess into the coin; 3D effects of virtually anything you can think of.  Finally, we offer bottle openers of several varieties, perfect for using to open a nice cold brew. These openers can be fashioned in likely any way or form that you can think of. Normally, out bottle openers either are a perfectly size bottle hold in the middle of the custom challenge coin (which, like any coin, can be shaped in whatever way you wish), but can also be on the side of a coin, as in a hook custom bottle opener.

In addition to customizable options with coins, we offer an array of packaging options. All of our custom challenge coins by default come in a PVC envelope or small bubble wrap, but we can customize envelopes to your needs, as well as create velvet boxes for more high-end fancy or formal needs.

custom challenge coins quality made

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Learn About Our Custom Challenge Coin Design Process

custom challenge coins draft

1.  Designing Your Custom Challenge Coins

Send us your basic ideas of what you want your coin to look like. We can take a sketch, a few images, or really anything and create something that you will be proud of.

custom challenge coins artwork

2.  Approving Your Custom Challenge Coins

Once you have received your first draft we will continue to work with you until your design looks exactly how you want it. Our professional artists can make as many changes as you want until you are happy.

custom challenge coins

3. Manufacturing Your Custom Challenge Coins

Once your coins artwork looks great we will take that artwork and start to produce your custom challenge coins. We take about 28 days for production and then there is a 4 day shipping to your location.

Infinite Cutout Options

Our cutout custom challenge coin options are likely what we are most well-known for. With a round coin, although they can look incredible and are important if you are looking for a more formal coin, or traditional kind, there is simply a limitation of how much variability you can fit in. With a cutout custom challenge coin, which means either that the coin is a unique shape—say, a shield, ship, or anything imaginable—or has various hold within the coin itself so as to produce certain effects—say, the trigger handle on a gun, or a hole for a bottle opener—you have a virtually infinite range of options from which you can choose. Ultimately, the only limitation that does exist—for Embleholics, at least—is your imagination. When it comes to creating a custom challenge coin with Embleholics, this great phrase accurately describes us: If you will it, it is no dream.

Cut out Custom Challenge Coins

Some challenge coin examples of extremely cool cutout coins we have done, which may give you an idea of our seemingly non-existent limitations, are: a squid enveloping a submarine, with the areas between the squid’s tentacles cutout and smoothed; a firefighter helmet with a bottle opener, a dragon, Ronald Reagan’s head, a 5” inch long carrier profile view and, a shield with crossed swords, and, recently, a metal fidget spinner with 5 Stanley Cup trophies as the spinner spokes. Some custom challenge coins we made have featured bullet holes with metal appearing ripped as by a bullet, and one coin was even shaped like a battle axe.

With regard to 3D effects, these can come in a wide variety of looks, and when people say 3D, you don’t know if they mean crappy 3D or incredible 3D custom challenge coins. Our 3D effects on our coins are able to get extremely detailed with the relevant symbols or other images. For example, we have done 3D ships, mason symbols, and buildings such as Fire Departments, all of which require great adherence to detail in order to make it look like the real thing. We can even cutout effects around 3D custom challenge coins.

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Making Great Custom Challenge Coins Is Our Mission!

Our goal in making each customer’s custom challenge coins is to never say that a job is too hard, or too much—we believe in continually pushing the boundaries of what is possible in making challenge coins; how will challenge coins get better, otherwise? We have a long track record of faithfully reproducing coins and adhering to the in-depth details of your organizations logos, symbols, emblems, or other key imagery. We guarantee our work, and strive to make all of our customers satisfied when they work with us.

Another important service Embleholics offers to our customers is reordering your coins. Embleholics normally keeps molds for 3 years, and if you request it we can keep molds indefinitely as necessary. We also guarantee to our customers that the cost of reordering will be less expensive than the initial order of coins. Reordering with us also takes 1-2 weeks less time than our normal initial orders, which can take about 25-35 days depending on complexity and the quantity.

Among the many kinds of custom challenge coins we have made are: military challenge coins, fire department challenge coins, police coins, government and corporate coins, and even nonprofit coins. We make coins for every event and occasion, of every shape and form and look. We have made coins for weddings, graduations, sports, and countless others. We have made thousands of designs, culminating in hundreds of thousands of custom challenge coins produced and delivered to our customers hands.

Custom Challenge Coins Artwork

One of the most unique things about Embleholics, aside from the fact that our custom challenge coins look better than anyone else’s, is that we work with our customers tirelessly on their design artwork until it looks perfect. Other companies may either use an overseas manufacturer with little mind for art and aesthetics, and will only allow a certain number of revisions to get your coin looking perfect. Embleholics knows that these are unsatisfactory limitations, so we design every single one of our custom challenge coins using our exclusive artist studio that has 15 years of experience designing coins and numerous other kinds of products. We allow our customers to make as many revisions as necessary to get your design ready for production. Whether your revisions are major or minor improvements,