Amazing Challenge Coins

Start working with us today to make your own amazing challenge coins

FREE artwork, FREE molds, and FREE shipping. Veteran Owned


Amazing Challenge Coins

Challenge CoinsStart working with us today to make your own amazing challenge coins

FREE artwork, FREE molds, and FREE shipping. Veteran Owned

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Providing the highest quality custom challenge coins for the military, companies, and organizations.

Just Some of Our Past Customers

“The challenge coins look great.  I know the veterans will appreciate having them.”

Dallas Mavericks

“Embleholics was excellent to work with! I had a rush job for a very important anniversary for my job and after a few missteps on our part, Embleholics was able to provide quality challenge coins and beautiful display boxes in order to hit our deadline.”


“We got the challenge coins today and they are exactly what we wanted.  Thank you Embleholics for your personal attention getting these made and to us.”

Space X

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Learn About Our Challenge Coin Design Process

Basic drawing of a challenge coin. Helps people see the difference in our design process.

1.  Designing Your Coins

We start with a basic sketch based on what you describe in your initial quote. If you send us additional pictures or sketches, we will use those to help build the foundation of the design of your challenge coin.

We will send you back the first draft of your design. If you want changes to your design, send us feedback on what you like, what you don’t like, and what you want to be changed.

A more advanced drawing of a challenge coin. This shows the more advanced challenge coin design.

2.  Approving Your Design

Once you receive the first draft of your art and are happy with the design, tell us what colors you want your challenge coins to have.

If you are happy with the colors that you selected for your products, we will start the final process of manufacturing your custom challenge coins. Be as critical as you want, as our goal is to make you great challenge coins!

A finished challenge coin once we have manufactured the coins. This show the end challenge coin design process.

3. Manufacturing Your challenge coins

Once you are happy with the final draft, we will manufacture your products. The process can take between 30-45 days. Once your challenge coin is ready to ship, we will send you a picture showing how the final product appears.

Shipping can take around 4-8 days, depending on your location.


Embleholics Makes Challenge Coins Extraordinary

Stand out by using our professional team and create a memorable, long-term impact on others. Challenge coins are a great way of providing others with something they will cherish their entire career and even after. Embleholics custom coins are high quality, unique in their complexity, and designed to make sure that others who see your coin will ask where you got them made. We don’t make our customers cheap coins, we make them the best–guaranteed.

When searching the internet it is easy to see that there are plenty of manufactures to choose from. Where Embleholics differs from our competitors is in the story that each of our coins tell and our attention to detail in the design and customization when it comes to working with our clients. We work directly with our clients to help them understand what goes into making a quality custom coin that will best represent them.

Understanding what goes into a coin can be an overwhelming task for some who have never created a challenge coin before. Challenge coins come with a long tradition as well as an unlimited combination of colors and symbols that can represent the person or organization. With that in mind, it’s important to make a challenge coin that is specific to you and what you are trying to convey. It is equally important that the tradition and history of the custom challenge coin is preserved. Embleholics is ready to work with you!

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Challenge Coin



Creating products from scratch can be a complicated and overwhelming task to many, but our professional team at Embleholics has created a system that lets customers design the coin they want, in a timely manner. Embleholics team starts with a basic idea or description provided by their customers. This can be a sketch, images, or some simple descriptions of what is needed and the challenge coin’s objective. Embleholics then take that sketch or idea and turn it into a number of basic designs that can be selected from. When the customer is satisfied with the look Embleholics move into adding colors and texture to the coin. A good portion of the time designing the challenge coin is spent making sure that the coin is exactly the way it’s intended to look. Most challenge coins are manufactured out of zinc to reduce the cost. The higher quality and heavier coins are produced out of copper or precious metals. Challenge coins made out of these other metals will cost more per coin and it is up to the customer whether they want to have a heavier, more expensive coin. Though the quality of metal makes an impact on the end feel and look of your coin, there are a number of different factors that go into making a great coin.


Designing Coins

Challenge coins today are a lot like business cards. They have important information on them: they represent an organization or a person and they tell the story of the person who created the idea or design behind it. When we start on a new project we ask our clients to provide us with some specific things they want their coin to include; these may be anything from a logo, quote or words, organization name, and imagery specific to the organization or person.  To make it easier for our customers we have found that there are some basic principles that should be represented in any successful coin:

  1. The organization is clearly represented in each image
  2. The colors bring out the important aspects of the coin
  3. The size, thickness, and feel of the coin all convey a story that represents the person who had this particular coin made.

Learn more about our design process and how you can start making great custom challenge coins today.


Understanding the Image of a Coin

The best way to start to design the image of the challenge coin is to sketch out some ideas of what the coin should represent. These images should present the receiver of the coin with a clear representation of your organization. A good place to start is to look at the images and logos of your unit or organization. Providing those images in your design will help Embleholics and their team determine the look and feel of your coin. Additionally, providing fine details about the edging of your coin or any specific small etching that you want on your challenge coin gives us valuable insights into how you want your final coin product to look.

The detail put into the image of the challenge coin can sometimes make or break the coin. Being too complex in the design can take away from the key features of what the coin is trying to focus on. Placing detail on the items that mean the most to you is key to having your coin being remembered as one of the highly sought after challenge coins that people are excited to receive.

Something that a lot of people are surprised to hear is the complexity of coloring details into the coin. With every different color, someone will need to paint in each and every detail in that particular scheme. This in itself can take a lot of time and require a steady hand. If you plan to use a lot of different colors in your coin, it’s important to reduce the amount of detail in the design of your image to reduce cost. A simple elegant design will ensure that the image is clear in your final challenge coin.

Not Everyone is an Artist and Not Every Artist is a Good Artist

When selecting your challenge coin designer it is equally important to look at their past work and see what type of detail and design elements are emphasized. Our challenge coin designers have had years of experience in making challenge coins in different media formats. They have been professionally trained to understand the importance of conveying a message in each and every coin that we produce. Choosing the right designer or artist is undoubtedly the most important decision when it comes to making a high quality challenge coin.


The Colors of Challenge Coins

Once your images are selected and you have a basic design, it’s time to add your coin colors. Choosing the right colors is important as there is an entire psychology behind how they make us feel. This includes how they affect the emotional impact of your challenge coin. Large companies spend thousands of dollars to research colors for their logos and brand. For instance, customizing your challenge coins to include powerful colors may be good for military organizations, while using soft colors may instill a more professional look to the coin. The right color depends a lot on the perception of who will receive your coins and how the design and colors interact with each other. Not sure on what colors to pick? Let our professionally trained team help you through this process and design you a powerful custom coin. Learn more about the color plating options that we offer.


Size of Coins

When we are asked by our clients what we recommend for a challenge coin size, we give them a few options based on how they are trying to represent themselves. If clients want to have a challenge coin that’s heavy and is not as worried about cost, we will have the coin made using a more standardized size that is thinner our with a heavy based metal, such as copper. If clients are trying to reduce cost as much as possible we will make the coin a little larger and increase the thickness but use a metal like zinc which is more cost effective. Size is also important based on how the coin is given to another person. Will the person exchanging the coin be providing the coin in a traditional handshake? If so you don’t want to make the coin too big as to not be able to smoothly pass the coin on. Another is how will the coin be displayed? As you can see, size and thickness make up an important facet of the coin. We also pay attention to texture when designing the coin, as a coin that is smooth may give the appearance of being new or more expensive where as a gritted and textured coin may give the appearance of either being old or may represent experience. This will provide the receiver of the coin an intimate view into what the coin represents. Learn more about the challenge coin options that we offer.



Giving Back to Veterans

Though Embleholics team focus a lot on our clients’ needs and desires when it comes to making their products, Embleholics also pay attention to the tradition of where we came from. Embleholics represent the men and woman of the armed forces that spend every day defending the freedoms of our country. Those men and women, past and present, make it possible for us to keep the tradition going and allow us to tell their story in every product we make. Embleholics gives back to the community by supporting organizations that take pride in giving to the wounded men and women in the military, with the hopes of ultimately making a long lasting, positive impact in their lives. Learn more about the organizations that we support.


Embleholics is Veteran owned and operated!


Veteran Owned and Operated