If you’re a challenge coin collector, you probably have your sights set on a few rare challenge coins. Some have ties to a particular unit, while others are unique due to their design or the operation memorialized. In any case, they have become an object of admiration for collectors due to their rarity and unique designs. 

Want to know which ones are the best choices to add to your collection? Keep reading to see our favorite rare and collectible challenge coins, including several we created here at Embleholics. Read more about each project by following the links in the text. 

About Rare Challenge Coins

Rare challenge coins are created for very specific hallmarks in time or for specific people. There are challenge coins for Presidents, for famous Generals, and even for famous units like the Army’s mysterious Delta Force. Now, even private companies are starting their own challenge coin traditions. Here are some of our favorite and rare projects we’ve completed over the years.

Crew Dragon Demo-2 Coin

When it comes to limited edition challenge coins, the SpaceX Crew Dragon Demo-2 stand out for many reasons. SpaceX Crew Dragon Demo-2 Rare Challenge Coins

This rare challenge coin was created for the very first crewed flight of a private spacecraft being certified by NASA. After all, how many companies are launching spacecraft? The Crew Dragon Demo-2 coin celebrates SpaceX’s Crew Dragon spacecraft and was created for the very first crewed flight to space by a private business. 

Creating this challenge coin was an honor, because it is not only a tradition now brought into the private sector, but one that marks a historic milestone. That makes the Crew Dragon Demo-2 coin one of our favorite unique challenge coins for fans of SpaceX, rocketry, and space travel. It has broad appeal and a limited release. Good luck finding one of these on the open market!

Chief of Naval Reserve 100 Year Anniversary Coin

naval reserves 100 years jimmy frontThe US Naval Reserve doesn’t turn 100 years old every day. So, the Chief of the Naval Reserve decided to celebrate the occasion by commissioning a special challenge coin. The coin is unique among rare military challenge coins for many reasons. The striking design and the history behind it immediately stand out. It’s much larger than a typical coin and marks the unique date of the US Naval Reserve 100th anniversary. 

What truly makes it special is a brief appearance on the Jimmy Fallon Show helped give this coin additional fame. The Chief of Naval Reserves enlisted several sailors on the show and presented the coin to Jimmy Fallon. We were honored to have a small part in this historic moment. This coin remains one of our favorite rare challenge coins that we’ve produced.

Podcast Challenge Coin

The Greatest Generation podcast challenge coin front“The Greatest Generation” is one of the biggest Star Trek comedy podcasts out there. It is also one of few podcasts with a challenge coin — making this one of the rarest challenge coins we’ve created. On this coin, the bold yellow and blue colors contrast beautifully against the sleek base metal. Together, they immediately make you think of Star Trek. 

The inside joke of the design lets it stand out among exclusive challenge coins. Are you a friend of DeSoto’s? Fans of the podcast will instantly recognize the logo and challenge/pass associated with being a fan. 


Navy Supply Corps School Challenge Coin

Navy Supply Corps School unique and rare challenge coinsNavy Supply Corps School is a critical part of America’s military system. When the commanding officer of the NSCS commissioned a challenge coin for the school, it led to an incredible piece. It’s more of a sculpture than a coin, featuring a griffin, dragon, trident, and the NSCS emblem.

The amazing design puts this coin near the top when it comes to rare challenge coins. It looks fantastic in any collection. While the Navy Supply Corps School might graduate 9500 sailors a year, the appearance of this coin among any of them would be extremely rare!

Secret Service Coin

Another one of the more hard-to-find challenge coins is a Secret Service coin from Embleholics. It is an exclusive coin featuring an inside joke. If you do a little bit of sleuthing, you’ll find out that the Secret Service has had a number of “inside joke” coins over the years, some of which have made the news! 

The coin’s most notable feature is the back, which features a wheel with a metal arrow in the center — the “Wheel of Misfortune.” The imagery here is an inside joke among Secret Service members. It references the fact that being a driver is considered one of the worst assignments a Secret Service member can get. 

Create Your Custom Challenge Coin

As you can see, we’ve created an incredibly diverse array of rare challenge coins, and we would like to work on your next project that might be a little outside the lines. Want your very own unique challenge coins made especially for your organization? Please submit a form for a free quote, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.