Podcast Challenge Coin

Beginning in September of 2017, Adam and Ben created a new podcast called The Greatest Discovery, which focuses on new Star Trek properties starting with Discovery. The Greatest Generation is a comedy podcast about Star Trek, beloved by everyone from people who’ve never seen an episode to hardcore nerds who are fluent in Klingon. Once a week Benjamin Ahr Harrison and Adam Pranica watch an episode of Star Trek and tell you what’s great, what’s bad, and what’s hilarious about the show they grew up loving, and still do.

When we were commissioned to do their custom challenge coin, we realized that our design would be shown to the fans of Star Trek. So, we had to be certain that our design relates to them, and also make sure that there’s no errors which a Star Trek fan could recognize from a mile away.

The basic concept of this fun challenge coin is pretty simple, The Greatest Generation logo would be the one side of the coin, and the image of DeSoto on the other. For the logo is quite easy because we just they already have a colorful logo, and we had it embossed and painted nicely, and enclosed with some bold line. On the other side, the portrait of DeSoto was engraved smoothly, also encircled with bold yellow line with some etched inscriptions on it.

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Finished Coin (Front)

podcast challenge coin front

Finished Coin (Back)

podcast challenge coin back

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