Commemorative Products

Commemorative Products

Helping Design 100 Year Celebration Commemorative Products


Embleholics often gets tasked with larger projects for our customers that include producing challenge coins, lapel pins, and other promotional products that include their logos and designs. Often customers representing bigger organizations will want multiple products to celebrate their event. Our customers want these types of products as a group because companies and organizations often don’t have products that are high quality and unique that their customers want, or that represents the company to improve marketing. They also request a number of commemorative products for an event that they are celebrating.

When it came to designing a series or products for our customer we wanted to include the same theme on all the products to keep it simple but also express the same brand concept and design concepts that were important to this particular customer. We took their old logos and revamped them to be more clear and sharp. We then took that same design and modified it to include their 100 years celebration which allowed us to make them the custom lapel pins and challenge coins that they needed. We were also able to take that same custom enamel pins design and turn it into a custom keychains design which provided our customer even more options for products to give out.

Commemorative Coins

Commemorative Products Coins
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Commemorative coins are a great option to give out to customers or to provide as an award to your employees. Commemorative coins have been used as an affordable way to provide your team something that will be collected and celebrated and extend your brand to customers who may have not originally been interested in your company. Think of them as highly sought out and permanent business cards for your customers.  Commemorative coins are also something that people will keep for years, unlike business cards which are often thrown away or forgotten about. Embleholics even has its own business coin commemorative coin that it gives out to VIP customers and to those who have helped us out in the past.

Another important part of your commemorative coins are how professionally they represent your organization. Embleholics has created 1000’s of challenge coins and so you know that your challenge coins are in good hands with us.


Commemorative coins are great to:

  1. Give out to VIP customers
  2. Award employees for a great job done
  3. Expand your brand
  4. Collect and trade with others


Commemorative Products Keychains

Lapel Pins

Commemorative Products Lapel Pins

Embleholics also makes custom keychains and lapel pins for our customers. We are able to take any logo or design and handcraft a keychain or lapel pin that is 3D, high quality, and which will represent your company or organization with pride.  The great thing about custom lapel pins and keychains is that they are often less expensive than commemorative coins and are easier for people to wear or show off, expanding your brand’s reach even more. They require less artwork as well because of the one sided design that is required on the products. This makes it so that you can easily put more on one side of the product without having to worry about creating something and filling in space for both sides.

With these particular keychains and custom enamel pins the customer was extremely happy with how they turned out. The custom keychains were very solidly built and hefty, while the lapel pins had a ribbon shape that was hard to achieve but which was exactly what the customer was looking for.


Lapel Pins and Keychains are great because they:

  1. Are less expensive than commemorative coins
  2. Require less artwork
  3. Are easy to show off and expand your brand


Make Great Products With Us


Embleholics is excited and ready to work with your team in making great commemorative products. We make amazing challenge coins, custom business cards, custom bottle openers, keychains, lapel pins and much more. If you have an idea that we haven’t made yet, we would still be glad to work with you on making something great. We look forward to hearing from you and making you your next selection of promotional products or commemorative products that push your brand to the next level.