US Navy Mustang Custom Buckle

The term “Mustang” is a relatively modern term, originating either just prior to, or during World War II. A Mustang is an Officer who has been promoted up from the ranks of Enlisted personnel through an in-service procurement program, with no interruption of his or her active duty status.

The creed of the Mustang Officer, upon receiving their commission is: “I did it the hard way. I earned it!”. Their motto “sursum ab ordine” which means “up from the ranks” to underline a distinction between Navy Mustangs and those Naval and Marine Corps officers commissioned directly from collegiate and similar post-collegiate pre-commissioning officer candidate programs.

The motto was requested by the US Navy Mustang to be inscribed on custom belt buckles when they ordered them from us at Embleholics. Along with the motto inscription, they wanted a picture of a Mustang to be embossed as the main graphic element of the buckle.

The design concept of this personalized belt buckle is quite simple, with minimum details and ornaments. The shape of the buckle is an oval with the left and right parts cut. The finished belt buckle was layered in gold coating and navy blue for the background color. A simple but bold design like this fits well with the spirit of the Navy Mustang.

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Finished Buckle (Front)

us navy mustang custom buckle front

Finished Buckle (Back)

us navy mustang custom buckle back

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