State Trooper Challenge Coin

This custom State Trooper Challenge Coin is reserved bay the Nevada State Police Highway Patrol. The Nevada State Police is the highway patrol agency for Nevada and has jurisdiction anywhere within the state. The headquarters is located in Carson City with regional commands in Reno, Elko and Las Vegas. The Nevada State Police is a division of the Nevada Department of Public Safety.

This State Trooper Challenge Coin should be a simple one, but does not mean that designing it would be an easy task. ‘Less is More’ they say, to be exact this phrase is made famous by the legendary architect Mies van der Rohe. He said that to design something so simple, it involves stripping a design down to its bare essentials, and casting aside any elements that do not contribute to the pure beauty or function of an object or space. And that’s what we did when we designed this coin.

No excessive engraving and pattern, even on the edge of the coin. Just the logo of the Nevada State Police Highway Patrol on one side, and the Nevada State symbol with United States flag as background, on the other. Simple blocky font for the engraved letterings, and using only 4 colors for all the details, this is one of the best looking ‘Less is More’ coin that we’ve ever made.

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Finished Coin (Front)
State trooper challenge coin front
Finished Coin (Back)
State trooper challenge coin back

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