Shubuta Fire & Rescue Coin

The town of Shubuta is located in Clarke County, Mississippi, on the eastern border of the state. Located along the Chickasawhay River, the small town of Shubuta was incorporated in 1865. It had started in the 1830s as a trading post community, located near the Choctaw village of Yowani.

Shubuta was established in 1853 when the Mobile & Ohio Railroad was built and became the lifeblood of the community, as trade and opportunity thrived from farming and timber. Until the late 1800s, Shubuta was commonly known as the largest town between Meridian and Mobile.

The town has a Volunteer Fire Department, and they asked us to build a custom challenge coin for them. They wanted to have their Fire & Rescue insignia on the front side. On the other side, they wanted to have The Red Water Artesian Well of Shubuta to be engraved there.

The well is famous for providing red water, rich in sodium bicarbonate. With its medicinal taste and deep tea color, the Indians refused to drink it and gave it an Indian name meaning poison. Later, young town blades would bottle this red water in whiskey bottles and sell it to unsuspecting passengers traveling through on local trains. We managed to capture the image of the well and sculpted it on this classy challenge coin.

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Finished Coin (Front)

shubuta fire and rescue coin front

Finished Coin (Back)

shubuta fire and rescue coin back

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