Police Challenge Coins for Sale

Because of their close connection to the military, it is no surprise that law enforcement organizations all over the country are looking for their very own police challenge coins for sale. Many military members become police officers after their service, and thus the challenge coin tradition lives on amongst our heroes in blue.

When it comes to police challenge coins for sale, the first step in the process is picking a shape for your coins. Traditionally challenge coins are round, but can be badge-shaped, or shaped like essentially anything you want. Next, it is important to pick imagery and words specific to who you envision receiving your coins. The receiving part is key, as your police challenge coins for sale will be the best they could be if you make it with the recipient in mind. You want that person to look back at the coin in years to come and think immediately of you, your organization, or the activity related to the coin.


Incredible Police Challenge Coins For Sale


With this design, the customer went with a round design, which is the good choice if you are unsure or uncertain. It is the safe choice for police challenge coins for sale. This customer went with an image on the front which featured their badge.

The back of these police challenge coins for sale emphasizes the great State of Texas. For the background, we went with a flat American flag, with a thin blue line in the middle–symbolizing the line between order and chaos that police officers stand on, keeping us all as safe and secure as possible.

The edge of the coin was selected as a roped edge, and on the back of these police challenge coins for sale you can really see the depth of the coin that is captured with Texas over the blue line behind it. Overall, these coins turned out great and are perfect for any department seeking a professional coin option.

Embleholics would love to work with you on your police challenge coins for sale! Fill out our form and we will contact you within 24 hours. 

Challenge Coin Artwork

Police Challenge Coins for Sale Artwork

Finished Coin Front

Police Challenge Coins for Sale Front

Finished Coin Back

Police Challenge Coins for Sale Back

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