NTC Bronco Team Custom Buckle

NTC or The National Training Center, provides U.S. military units and personnel with realistic pre-deployment training scenarios in all aspects of armed conflict. Every month an Army unit, along with support from the Marines, Air Force, and the Navy, come together at the NTC and conduct their final preparation exercise prior to deployment.

NTC Brigade Trainers plan, conduct, and administer programs that educate and improve the knowledge, skills, and abilities of military personnel. They create curriculum and accompanying materials, teach content, and assess student performance. Some specialize in functional areas, such as military-specific/tactical.

We were asked by the NTC Brigade Trainers, also known as the ‘Broncos’ to manufacture a custom belt buckle for them. The design was quite simple, an oval-shaped buckle with their logo on it. They also requested black and gold for the colors, and for the graphics and lettering to be engraved.

We have experience producing custom military challenge coins for over ten years, and lately, custom military belt buckle is one of the products that are requested by a lot of organizations and institutions. The production process is pretty much the same as crafting coins, but for buckles, we also need to make sure that the construction is made from quality material and strong enough for it to properly function as a belt buckle.

Make your Brigade Trainers custom belt buckles with Embleholics, the 100% veteran-owned and operated challenge coin company! Just request a quote from us and we will contact you within 24 hours and get started on your coins. 

Finished Buckle (Front)

ntc bronco team custom buckle front

Finished Buckle (Back)

ntc bronco team custom buckle back

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