A Unique Challenge Coin Design

With this coin we wanted to do something very unique and different, something those who receive would appreciate the level of detail that went into making it. We wanted to take the standard command coin and turn it into something that people would look at and automatically desire. This would require an intense 3D design with multiple 3D features, a custom cut out look, and a design that incorporated symbolism, thought, and detail into each feature.

We included the 5 stars due to Admiral Nimitz–who the carrier was named after–being a Fleet Admiral and incorporated it into the outside of the coin. It shows the cutout as being the edge of the coin. We can also see that the carrier in the center of the coin is riding on waves that are oak leafs which represents the supply chain management required in order to make the ship move forward. If you look closely, you can even see gold anchors at the front of the carrier. We also included the different aircraft on the front of the coin and included a helo flying off in the distance. All of these features come out of the coin at a staggering height, giving the coin a dynamic feel and impressive depth, making the person looking at the coin feel as though the carrier is coming towards them.

On the back this design from the front translates directly, using the same attention to detail on the back side of the coin. In place of stars, five aircraft that would be found aboard. This was a very creative use of the coin’s space, something which is important to consider when making a coin with a cutout shape. In this way, both sides have a natural flow, with no out of place empty gaps. The carrier’s battle flag, motto, and a roped edge with creative placement of a knot in the center rounds out the back of the coin.

Overall this coin took a lot of work to make and design, but it was worth it and our customers were extremely happy. Given the care that went into making this coin, it will surely go on to be one of the ship’s favorite coins and many crew members will keep this custom challenge coin for years to come. Seeing a coin like this will likely make many people wowed, and wonder how it was designed. It took one step at a time, and this is the exact reason why we let our customers make as many draft changes as needed as we craft your perfect design. You know exactly what you want, so work with us today and make it!

Challenge Coin Artwork

cutout challenge coin artwork

Finished Coin Front

cutout challenge coin artwork

Finished Coin Back

cutout challenge coin back

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